Protective trailer coatings solutions

Protect your box trailer, horse trailer and even your boat trailer, with Rhino Linings spray applied, slip resistant, abrasion and corrosion proof protective trailer coatings.

Rhino Linings spray applied  coatings provide seamless coverage.  They can be applied  metal or wood and to just about any area regardless of shape, size or penetration.

Rhino’s polyurethane and polyurea impact absorbing qualities  protect RVs, camper trailers  and more from rocks and debris that are  shot up from the road which can dent, chip and eventually cause corrosion.  So why not look to Rhino Linings spray applied coatings to protect your investment well into the future?


Contact your nearest Rhino Linings applicator to have your trailer, box trailer, horse trailer or boat trailer protected with maintenance free Rhino Linings spray applied protective trailer coatings.