Rhino Linings Ute Deck Liners – There’s tough and then there’s Rhino TUFF

Rhino Linings New Zealand is committed in providing you the highest level of impact, abrasion and corrosion resistance for your ute deck and truck tray.  The unique flexible and textured surface reduces cargo slippage and will not crack, warp or peel even under temperature extremes.  From guards, bumpers, rocker panels and sidesteps you can rely on Rhino’s spray applied lining to protect your investment.

Unlike plastic drop-in ute deck and truck bed liners or other sprayed applied coatings, our professionally installed ute deck liners are guaranteed not to rip, crack or tear.  Check out our National Lifetime Warranty, but as with any warranty conditions do apply.

What are the Conditions for a Rhino Warranty?

  • Your ute deck is sprayed with RhinoTUFF STUFF only
  • The lining is guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle, it cannot be transferred to a new owner when you sell you vehicle.

Rhino spray applied linings provides the highest levels of corrosion resistance, they are not only for utes and trucks, but can be used on a wide range of applications including bumpers, guards and sidesteps, wheel wells, as well as trailers, tractors, boats and ATVs’.